The Culture

Be amazed by the many ceremonies in Bali.

The majority of the population is Hindu, and the offerings for the many ceremonies include traditional dance, prayer and song, and beautiful parades.

Let the warm hospitality of the people wash over you.
Make new friends and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Silver smith workshop

Visit the workshop of a Balinese master silversmith in Ubud.

Enjoy this relaxed and fun workshop to explore your creativity. It’s the place to create that silver jewelry you’ve always dreamed of! Learn to make beautiful, organically inspired jewelry.

Learn traditional silver-making techniques and create designs inspired by nature and simplicity, using the natural form.

Be inspired to create your own spiritual jewelry.

If you wish, you can make your own piece of jewelry and take it home as a souvenir.

Tanah Lot

Visit one of Bali’s most sacred sea temples, Tanah Lot, and participate in a traditional offering to the gods.

Tanah Lot is part of Balinese mythology and is dedicated to the guardian spirits of the sea.

The view from the Tanah Lot temple is extraordinary.

At low tide, you can approach the temple’s sacred spring for a traditional Balinese blessing while the waves crash against the shore and fragrant incense sticks burn around you.

Organic beauty products

We want to shine again, inside and out!

And we all want our bodies to receive the best possible care.

Learn how to make natural skincare products in a do-it-yourself workshop.

Be guided by local artisans and learn to work with local plants, herbs, and roots.

And nourish your body for the rest of the trip with your homemade body scrub and body oil.

Hidden gems in nature

If breathtaking waterfalls, mystical temples, and exotic jungles full of monkeys appeal to you, then I definitely recommend joining an expedition through beautiful Bali!

Enjoy the adventure and share these unforgettable moments with us.

Did you know that our house photographer will also join us to capture the expedition in pictures?

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“So shut up, live, travel, adventure, bless and don’t be sorry” – Jack Kerouac