Session Profile

Breakthrough Program (3weeks)

Sabi Holistic Healing Sessions

Breakthrough Program (3 weeks)

Most Picked & Ideal for transformation for certain topics

What’s included :
  • 3 X 3-hour hypnotherapy sessions
  • In-person sessions (Beernem or Bruges) or online via Zoom
  • Follow up after sessions 1 & 2
  • A 30-minute follow-up one week after the final session.
  • Flexibility with scheduling (as certain topics require more integration before another hypnotherapy session).

This is ideal for

  •  transformational work
  • overwhelming anxiety & panic attacks
  • relationships patterns
  • abundance blocks
  • personality issues
  • insomnia
  • deeper trauma work
  • emotional balancing and reset
  • deep internal reset & empowerment
  • stronger compulsions and addictions
  • eating disorders, psychosomatic pains

Each session allows

  1. Deeper clearing & harmonizing.

  2. Provides more profound insight & healing.

  3. Helps to thoroughly overcome the issue

Why would you need 3 sessions?

  1. Some topics have several root causes, require a more delicate approach, or are more complex due to their nature.  For this reason, one session will not allow for deeper work to occur.

  2.  It gives time and space for your mind to explore and release without the pressure of limited time together.

  3. You walk away feeling profoundly lighter and clearer.

Before the session:

Before the date of your session, you will receive an email with all the information you need to prepare.

I will also ask questions using a questionnaire to make the session as efficient as possible.

1. Intake:

During this portion of the session, we will go over the consent form and general medical questions and then go into more detail about what you would like to address in the session.
Time is allotted to explain what you can expect during the hypnosis portion, and we have time to answer any questions.
This portion lasts approximately 30 minutes.

2. Hypnosis portion:

Hypnotherapy is solution-oriented. The session is an active collaboration where there is a constant dialogue between the hypnotherapist and the client. The following techniques are integrated during hypnotherapy:

  • Inner Child Work
  • Shadow Work
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Forgiveness therapy
  • EFT (a scientifically proven therapy for mind and body where we work on anxiety disorders, traumas and more by working on the Meridian ends)
  • Omega therapy

3. Post-session discussion:

The third and final part of the session consists of a short debrief.
It is intentionally short because you are still processing, so while we go over the main points, we do not go into the details of the session.
This can take up to 15-30 minutes.

After the Session:

After the session, it is highly recommended that you eat and drink something immediately, and if possible, make no immediate plans (within 30 minutes, an hour) immediately after the session. Since you don’t know how you will feel, you can take space and time to process as needed for you. Again, there is no way to predict how you will experience a session.

After the session, clients generally report feeling a little tired but also that they feel positive, lighter, liberated, and more relaxed than they did before the session as if they have let go of the “weight” they were carrying.

What to expect in hypnosis:

During the hypnosis portion of the session, you can expect to feel very relaxed and relaxed.

You will not be unconscious or asleep during the session – being conscious and aware during the hypnosis portion is necessary to overcome the issue you want to work on and gain understanding and insight. While you will be able to access memories in your subconscious and share them with me, at the same time, you will also be aware of everything that is going on around you in the room all the time and communicate fully and openly with me. The main difference between the preliminary conversation and the actual hypnosis portion of the session is a deeper sense of relaxation in your body and a shift to a slower, calmer dialogue.

You will also be able to recall your experience – the experience is similar to recalling a dream from the night before, but with more clarity and insight.

During the session, you may sometimes feel that you are not in hypnosis. Although passive, this is normal because your conscious mind will be awake and aware. However, even though you feel conscious and aware, your body will undoubtedly perform movements while you are in hypnosis that is beyond our conscious control. I will continually pay attention to these movements and signals during the session and take the necessary steps to achieve success during the session.

Myths about Hypnotherapy

During hypnosis, I don’t realize what I am doing
It only seems that way when you see a hypnosis show, but in holistic healing hypnosis, no one will do anything they don’t want to. You are ALWAYS in complete control of yourself. We remain in constant dialogue throughout the session.

During hypnosis, you are asleep or unconscious
A person in hypnosis may indeed appear to be asleep because it is more comfortable to close their eyes, but you remain awake! In hypnosis, you are in full consciousness during the session, just as when you are daydreaming (which, by the way, is similar to hypnosis). You also remember everything afterward. You also can’t “get stuck” in hypnosis


I had an amazing hypnotherapy session with Sabiye in Bali. She instantly made me feel comfortable, and I was easily able to open up to her and share my worries and blocks that I wanted to overcome. After the session, I felt so relaxed and instantly felt more balanced and motivated. Thanks so much, Sabiye, I would highly recommend her! She has a strong, intuitive nature and is very welcoming and able to create a safe place for me to open up.
Jessica, Bali

“It was amazing. The topic we tackled was pretty heavy/ traumatic, and she guided me so well. Now 10 days later, I literally feel like an invisible weight I have been carrying on my chest for 30+ years has been lifted.”

Anonymous, Belgium

Sabiye was very helpful in explaining what to expect in the session. For a first-timer, I’m a bit nervous, but she managed to explain and brings the mood out, so I didn’t feel too nervous.
During the session with her, she was very calm and soothing. That makes me feel even safer, and I’m not scared to open up to her.

Thank you so much, Sabiye! You can lighten up the mood and helps me a lot in dealing with my trauma. I’m very grateful to have you as my therapist. ❤️

Carmen, Bali

Hypnosis has always intrigued me, but like many of us, I thought it was something strange and that it would never work on me because I am not the “floating” type!
However, after six months of sitting at home with a burnout and accompanying stress/anxiety attacks (I regularly went to the psychologist but to no avail), I decided to take the plunge and try hypnosis. I had nothing to lose… After searching the internet, I found Sabiye’s website and made an appointment. Best decision ever!!!
I immediately felt at ease with this friendly and understanding lady and told her my story. She immediately knew where the problem lay.
Sabiye led me through a very intense hypnosis session that made years of anger, frustration, and powerlessness disappear. The pressure fell off my shoulders, and I got a huge energy boost (I even signed up for gym that same week – knowing me, this really isn’t normal 😉 ). 10 days later, we had a second and final session, which again was intense, but now I feel so much better, calmer and more energetic. I no longer go into overdrive for the slightest thing and put everything into perspective much more. This is all thanks to Sabiye. I can only warmly recommend this therapist to everyone! Even to those who are skeptical of hypnosis, I was like that too! Give it a chance.
Sabiye, thanks again for everything; if only I had found you sooner! 🙏🏻

Dominique, Belgium

“I instantly felt safe and cared with Sabi and felt that I could trust her with the sacred space that is my subconscious. Her session for me was deep to the root. She was also intuitive and guided me into the depts. I highly recommend Sabi for her sessions.
Thank you for being a part of this powerful transformational healing process and offering your authenticity during our session.”

Angelica, Canada

Sabiye is a very skilled therapist. She creates a safe place for you to express your emotions healthily during the session. A session of hypnotherapy is nl not easy but Sabiye guides you through it and before you know it, you feel so much better and lighter.

I am very satisfied with the results I have obtained so far. Thank you, Sabiye!

Gudrun, Belgium

“Sabiye her work offers a profound ability to transmute past experience and childhood trauma and to rewire and to rewrite these experiences in order to heal. I highly recommend reaching out to Sabiye. Her work is extremely powerful, and the space she holds is wonderfully safe.”

Hannah, Canada

“It was my first hypnotherapy session, and you made it amazing for me.
You guided me with confidence, compassion and you made it so easy for me to trust you. Right after the session, I felt liberated, calm, and powerful. Thank you”

Katerina, Greece