Bali Retreat: Inner Discovery in Paradise

Embark on a transformative Bali Retreat.

Why Choose Our Bali Retreat?

  • Holistic Exploration: Dive into self-discovery.
  • Serenity Defined: Find transformative tranquility.
  • Expert Guides: Our facilitators ensure a transformative journey.

Unlock Your Potential with Holistic Hypnotherapy

Welcome! Are you ready to transform your life? Discover the profound benefits of Hypnotherapy as we delve into the depths of your subconscious.

Holistic Hypnotherapy goes beyond surface-level solutions, targeting the root cause of obstacles in your daily life. Rather than just addressing symptoms, we explore and address the underlying issues.

Once we identify and treat the root cause, it paves the way for a fresh perspective in your subconscious. The goal? To enhance your life with unparalleled quality, happiness, and satisfaction.

As your guide in this transformative journey, I harness your innate power to facilitate positive change. Let’s work together to unlock the doors to a more fulfilling life.

Ready to take the first step?

Discover Transformation Through Holistic Hypnotherapy

Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and healing through the power of holistic hypnotherapy. As your dedicated guide, I employ a range of powerful tools, including Inner Child Healing, Shadow Work, Trauma Healing, Omega Therapy, and more.

Experience Transformation Through:

  • Online Sessions: Conveniently access transformative sessions from the comfort of your space.
  • In-Person Sessions: Immerse yourself in a healing environment for a more personal touch.
  • 3-week Breakthrough Program: A focused journey to address immediate concerns and initiate positive transformations in a condensed timeframe.
  • 6-week Transformational Program: Delve deeper with an extended program, allowing for comprehensive exploration and sustainable positive changes.

Embark on a path of self-renewal and empowerment. Let’s explore the depths of your consciousness together.

Ready to take the first step?


Sound healing or sound healing is the rebalancing of physical, emotional, and mental imbalances through vibration and sound.

It uses powerful tools such as singing bowls, tuning forks, the gong, drums, etc….

I invite you to a hypno-healing/sound bath experience!

Adressed Topics








Sabi’s Holistic Hypnotherapy: Empowering Self-Healing

Unlock your innate power to overcome mental hurdles and live life to the fullest. At Sabi’s Holistic Hypnotherapy, I’m on a mission to guide you through understanding and conquering challenges while prioritizing your well-being.

Discover Sabi Holistic Healing:

Empower yourself on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Explore the possibilities with Sabi’s holistic approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the food at the retreat ?2022-04-20T11:09:08+00:00

Food will be 1 of the highlights of the retreat. We will customize your menu for the week according to your health and personal preferences. As part of your all-inclusive retreat package, you will enjoy tasty dishes made from local and organic ingredients that are absolutely delicious. The meals are primarily dairy and gluten-free and contain no refined sugars or preservatives. We provide food with passion and care.

How much money should I bring to my Bali retreat?2022-04-20T11:07:57+00:00

Since this is an all-inclusive Bali retreat, you only need to pay for personal items, groceries, and tips. If you want to add optional extra activities to your retreat package or store during your stay in Bali, there are many ATMs and money changers nearby. In addition, most stores and restaurants have credit card facilities.

What is the weather like in Bali?2022-04-20T11:07:19+00:00

We have 2 different seasons here in Bali and this is the ‘Dry’ season, April – November, which is beautifully sunny and warm during the day and balmy at night (not less than 25°C). ‘Rain’ season, November – March, welcomes warm sunny days with a daily rain shower in the late afternoon, which keeps Bali beautiful and blooming green!

What should I pack for my Bali retreat?2022-04-20T11:06:32+00:00

Be sure to pack clothes that are loose and comfortable – comfort is key! The weather is warm year-round, so there is no need to bring warm clothing. What to bring for Bali include swimwear, flip flops/sandals, running shoes, a hat, sunglasses, a dress or two for a night out, yoga/gym clothes, light pajamas, personal toiletries, chargers for devices, bath and beach towels, sunscreen, etc….

How do I get to your retreat in Bali?2022-04-20T11:05:47+00:00

The airport code is DPS – Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. We provide complimentary airport transfers to and from the retreat on the first and last day of the retreat.

I am traveling alone, is that ok?2024-03-12T12:18:45+00:00

Absolutely!!! This is the perfect choice if you want to travel alone without being alone! I will personally wait for you at the airport and also accompany you in advance for the flight, tickets, and formalities if required.
Most people make new friends and stay in touch long after their retreat is over. We make every effort to offer you a safe and ideal place to stay as a solo traveler.

What is included in the Bali retreat?2024-03-12T12:19:08+00:00

The retreat includes 5 days/4 nights of all-inclusive accommodation with a tailored focus on spirituality, healing, yoga, adventure, wellness, and healthy cuisine. The retreat includes all meals, excursions, workshops, cultural activities, and more. There are no hidden costs.
Everything except air travel, travel insurance, and alcoholic beverages are included in the price.

What about confidentiality?2022-04-20T09:53:28+00:00

I highly value the relationship of trust with my client.

Thus, confidentiality is first and foremost!

 How many sessions will I need to overcome my issue? 2021-09-24T10:39:47+00:00

Generally, most issues and topics can be resolved in one or two sessions. However, some issues require several sessions, and this all depends on the topic.

I strive to work at a safe and responsible pace and with all due respect to my client.

I am trained to guide my client in the best way possible and as few sessions as necessary.

What can I address in a session?2021-09-24T10:39:09+00:00

You can address almost anything you struggle with in life.

Anything that inhibits you or limits you from being happy or limits your desires for quality of life.

This can be on an emotional level, on a physical level (physical discomfort), or even on a material level.

Or perhaps in relationships with your partner, relationship with money, parents, siblings, friends.

What happens during an (online ) session?2021-09-24T10:38:23+00:00

On the day of your session, we will go through 3 stages during our time together.


During this portion, we will go through the consent form, general questions and then delve into the detail of what you wish to address in the session. We will take some time to explain what you can expect to experience during the hypnosis portion, and we will have time to answer any questions you may have. This portion takes about 30-40 minutes.

Hypnotherapy portion:

This portion usually lasts around 2 hours, where the crux of the therapeutic work will be done.


The third and last portion of the session consists of a *short* discussion. We intentionally do not go into details of the session after the hypnosis potion as you will still be processing, but we will cover key points. This may last up to 15-30 minutes or until you feel ready to leave.

Will I be unconscious during the session?2021-09-24T10:37:26+00:00


You will be very much conscious and aware of what is happening. The main difference is that you will be deeply relaxed. The state is similar to daydreaming.

You will still be in total control of what you want to share and how you want to respond. You can fully communicate how you feel if you do not want to answer a question if you are too cold/hot, and anything else that may come to mind.

The experience will be the opposite of what you may have seen in some movies, where characters lose all sense of control and are under the power of the hypnotist. In hypnotherapy, you are aware and in control of what you say and do. For example, you will be aware and fully capable of rejecting anything that I may say before the session, during the session, and after the session if you do not want to participate or if you do not feel comfortable.

What happens after the session?2021-09-24T10:36:57+00:00

After the session, I will explain where the key points were during the session.

In this way, you will also get a clear picture of the process we went through.

Note: I will not go into too much detail after the session because you are in full processing mode.

I also pass on what to take into account after the session.

With that, I mean advice and tips for the coming days (nutrition, sleep, emotional well-being, what you can expect both emotionally and physically).

 How long is a session?2021-09-24T10:36:14+00:00

Sessions last 3 hours.

How can I best prepare for a session?2021-09-24T10:35:50+00:00
  1. Write down what topic you want to focus on – this helps the mind to focus.
  2. Eat before the session so that you have energy for the 3 hours you will be in session.
  3. Avoid drinking coffee at least 2 hours before the session.
  4. Avoid drinking alcohol the night before.
  5. Avoid taking mood-altering drugs or hallucinogenics for at least two nights prior to the date of the session.
  6. If you have any questions or concerns about hypnotherapy, email or WhatsApp me! Getting answers to these questions will ease your mind.
  7. Because hypnotherapy is most effective when relaxed, I suggest coming to the session as openly as possible, without any feeling of resistance or doubt. Commit fully to that the session with us. Some clients have relayed that they alleviated pressure and nervousness to overcome the issue by meditating prior to the session.
What do i need for hypnotherapy online?2021-09-24T10:35:04+00:00
  • A reliable internet connection
  • Charged laptop/phone with good sound and camera
  • A quiet, comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed, with a bed/ sofa and a blanket
  • Headphones with microphones.
  • Remember to turn off notifications on your devices and phones
Is online hypnotherapy as affective as in-person sessions?2021-09-24T10:31:22+00:00

Absolutely, online hypnotherapy is just as effective as working face to face and follows the same structured approach. It’s helpful if you are restricted by time, location, family commitments, or medical conditions, making it accessible to all.

The most crucial thing in an online session is that you are as relaxed as possible. That you trust the hypnotherapist in such a way that you can open up completely, and you are able to dive as deep as possible into the subconscious mind.

I offer a free exploratory session online that gives us the opportunity to trial the process before committing to a session.

Kan hypnose online worden gedaan?2022-04-20T09:32:45+00:00

Ja, absoluut.

De efficiëntie van een hypnotherapie sessie is niet gerelateerd aan het hebben van een therapeut in de kamer bij je of niet.

Met de juiste focus en connectie van de hypnotherapeut, werken online sessies geweldig!

Uit de ervaringen van mijn cliënten en mijzelf, kan ik zeggen dat online sessies net zo efficiënt zijn.


“Sabiye her work offers a profound ability to transmute past experience and childhood trauma and to rewire and to rewrite these experiences to heal. I highly recommend reaching out to Sabiye. Her work is extremely powerful, and the space she holds is wonderfully safe.”

Hannah, Canada
I had an amazing hypnotherapy session with Sabiye in Bali. She instantly made me feel comfortable and I was easily able to open up to her and share my worries and blocks that I wanted to overcome. After the session, I felt so relaxed and instantly felt more balanced and motivated. Thanks so much Sabiye, I would highly recommend her! She has a strong intuitive nature and is very welcoming and able to create a safe place for me to open up.
Jessica, Bali

Sabiye, she was very helpful in explaining about what to expect in the session. For a first timer i’m a bit nervous, but she manage to explain and brings the mood out so i don’t feel too nervous.
During the session with her, she was very calm and soothing. That makes me feel even more safe and i’m not scared to open up to her.

Thank you so much Sabiye! You’re able to lighten up the mood and helps me a lot in dealing with my trauma. I’m very grateful to have you as my therapist. ❤️

Carmen, Bali

“It was amazing. The topic we tackled was pretty heavy/ traumatic, and she guided me so well. Now ten days later, I literally feel like an invisible weight I have been carrying on my chest for 30+ years has been lifted.”

Anonymous, Belgium

“I instantly felt safe and cared with Sabi and felt that I could trust her with the sacred space that is my subconscious. Her session for me was deep to the root. She was also intuitive and guided me into the depts. I highly recommend Sabi for her sessions.
Thank you for being a part of this powerful transformational healing process and offering your authenticity during our session.”

Angelica, Canada

“It was my first hypnotherapy session, and you made it amazing for me.
You guided me with confidence, compassion and you made it so easy for me to trust you. Right after the session, I felt liberated, calm, and powerful. Thank you”

Katerina, Greece

Hypnosis has always intrigued me, but like many of us, I thought it was something strange and that it would never work on me because I am not the “floating” type!
However, after six months of sitting at home with a burnout and accompanying stress/anxiety attacks (I regularly went to the psychologist, but to no avail), I decided to take the plunge and try hypnosis. I had nothing to lose… After some searching on the internet, I came across Sabiye’s website and decided to make an appointment. Best decision ever!!!
I immediately felt at ease with this friendly and understanding lady and told her my story. She immediately knew where the problem lay.
Sabiye guided me through a hypnosis session that made years of anger, frustration, and powerlessness disappear. The pressure fell off my shoulders, and I got a huge energy boost (I even signed up for a gym that same week – knowing me, this really isn’t normal 😉 ). 10 days later, we had a second and final session, which again was intense, but now I feel so much better, calmer and more energetic. I no longer go into overdrive for the slightest thing and put everything into perspective much more. This is all thanks to Sabiye. I can only warmly recommend this therapist to everyone! Even to those who are skeptical of hypnosis, I was like that too! Give it a chance.
Sabiye, thanks again for everything; if only I had found you sooner! 🙏🏻

Dominique, Belgium

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Ontdek de magie diep vanbinnen, jij hebt de sleutel om het tot leven te brengen! Neem die sprong en duik in het betoverende avontuur van de Malaga Retreat. Hier delen we inspirerende verhalen, omarmen we een overvloed aan zelfliefde en ontvang je krachtige tools voor jouw persoonlijke reis. Sluit je aan bij onze warme groep gelijkgestemden en let the magic begin! 🌟💖 #MagicWithin #MalagaAdventure #SelfLoveMagic

Volg @sabiholistichealing voor meer tips en info over hoe je onbewuste blokkades en patronen kunt overwinnen en inspirerende retraites kunt ervaren .


Discover the powerful magic that awaits within you! Only you have the unique power to bring this to life in its full glory. Take that courageous leap and join the captivating Malaga Retreat. Here, you’ll share inspiring stories, embrace an abundance of self-love, and receive powerful tools for your journey. Become a part of our intimate community of like-minded individuals and let the transformation unfold! 🌟💖 #MalagaMagic #SelfLoveJourney

Follow @sabiholistichealing for more tips and insights on overcoming subconscious fears through holistic therapy.

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#InnerMagic #MalagaRetreat #EmbraceYourPower #SelfLoveAdventure #MagicalTransformation #CourageousLeap #InspiringSelfDiscovery #EnchantingMoments #TogetherWeGrow #empoweredbylove

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De langetermijnvoordelen van consistente hypnotherapie om van onzekerheid naar krachtige zelf liefde te gaan, zijn onder meer:

- **Blijvend Zelfvertrouwen:** Door voortdurend onderliggende patronen aan te pakken, kunnen we een blijvende boost in zelfvertrouwen ervaren.

- **Emotionele Veerkracht:** Hypnotherapie helpt bij het opbouwen van veerkracht, waardoor mensen uitdagingen kunnen aangaan met een positievere mindset.

- *Geen zelf sabotage meer :** Na verloop van tijd kan herprogrammering van het onderbewustzijn leiden tot positieve gedragsveranderingen, waardoor zelfsaboterende neigingen die gepaard gaan met onzekerheid verminderen.

- **Verbeterde Relaties:** Een toename van zelfvertrouwen heeft vaak een positieve invloed op interpersoonlijke relaties, wat bijdraagt aan gezondere verbindingen.

Heb jij al ooit hypnotherapie overwogen?
Alle info vind je in mijn bio!

The long-term benefits of consistent hypnotherapy to shift from insecurity to powerful self-love include:

- **Sustained Self-Confidence:** By continuously addressing underlying patterns, individuals can experience a lasting boost in self-confidence.

- **Emotional Resilience:** Hypnotherapy assists in building resilience, enabling people to face challenges with a more positive mindset.

- **No More Self-Sabotage:** Over time, subconscious reprogramming can lead to positive behavioral changes, reducing self-sabotaging tendencies associated with insecurity.

- **Improved Relationships:** Increased self-confidence often has a positive impact on interpersonal relationships, contributing to healthier connections.

Have you ever considered hypnotherapy?
You can find all the info in my bio!
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- #ZelfliefdeRevolutie
- #EmpowerJezelf
- #BalansVanGeestEnLichaam
- #HolistischHerstel
- #PositieveMindset
- #EigenPadVolgen

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Ontdek het hemelse menu van de Malaga retreat, van verrukkelijke bananenpannenkoeken tot smaakvolle vegan bietenbrownies. Sluit de dag af met de decadentie van aubergine lasagne. Gezond eten hoeft echt niet saai te zijn! 🌱🍆🍫 #CulinairGenieten (En eerlijk gezegd, deze gezonde lekkernijen smaken beter dan mijn ochtendfitnesspogingen! 😊🍌🍫🍆)
#MalagaRetreat #SmaakvolGenieten #EetLekkerAnders #GezondeVerleidingen #CulinairAvontuur #FoodFiestaMalaga #SmulSlim #HeerlijkGezond #FoodieParadijs #gastronomischmalaga #holistischereis

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🌟‼️Don’t forget: als je je plaats reserveert na 15 februari, word de Malaga Retreat 100€ duurder, en laat dit nu net de prijs zijn van een vliegticket momenteel 😁🌈Nu vind je nog spotgoedkope vliegtickets voor ongeveer 100€! (heen en terug) DM me voor hulp bij het boeken en maak je klaar voor een onvergetelijk avontuur! ✈️✨ #DreamGetaway #MalagaRetreat #TravelDeal

Alle info vind je op mijn website! Klik hiervoor op de link in mijn bio🙏♥️

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Te midden van de voorbereidingen voor de spirituele Malaga Retreat van 11-16 juni, vult de lucht zich met opwinding en zen. Een week doordrenkt met spiritualiteit, yoga, verkennende excursies, verjongende massages en verrijkend ademwerk wacht op ons. 🧘‍♀️🌿 De dagen zullen doordrenkt zijn van zonneschijn en de nachten gevuld met de rustgevende geluiden van het Spaanse landschap.

En plots realiseer ik me dat de beste geschenken niet altijd tastbaar zijn. Het draait om ervaringen, groei en verbinding. Hier op de Malaga Retreat, waar de ziel wordt gevoed, de geest wordt gekoesterd, en elke ademhaling een stap is naar innerlijke harmonie. 🌺🌞

Laten we samen een onvergetelijke herinnering creëren op het leven, liefde en verjaardagen. 😉🎁💖 #MalagaRetreat #SpiritualJourney #YogaBliss #BirthdayEscape

Amidst preparations for the spiritual Malaga Retreat June 11-16, the air fills with excitement and zen. A week infused with spirituality, yoga, exploratory excursions, rejuvenating massages and enriching breathwork awaits us. 🧘‍♀️🌿 The days will be drenched in sunshine and the nights filled with the soothing sounds of the Spanish countryside.

And suddenly I realize that the best gifts are not always tangible. It’s all about experiences, growth and connection. Here at the Malaga Retreat, where the soul is nourished, the spirit is nurtured, and every breath is a step toward inner harmony. 🌺🌞

Let’s create unforgettable memories together on life, love and birthdays 😉🎁💖 #MalagaRetreat #SpiritualJourney #YogaBliss #BirthdayEscape
#MalagaRetreat #ZenVerjaardag #SpiritueleGetaway #YogaBliss #ZielsvolleOntsnapping #WellnessReis #AvonturenInMalaga #MalagaRetreat #ZenBirthday #SpiritualGetaway #YogaBliss #MindfulCelebration #SoulfulEscape #BirthdayVibes #WellnessJourney #AdventuresInMalaga #CelebrateLifeFully

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The grief and hurt passed from one generation to the next are not the only things to remember. Don’t forget about your strengths and talents you inherited. Your ancestors left you more than just wounds .

Unlock your inner strength and healing potential! Remember, the pain passed through generations is just part of your story. Don’t overlook the powerful message your ancestors left for you.

Follow @sabiholistichealing for insights on overcoming subconscious fears through holistic therapy. #EmbraceTheJourney #StrengthsAndHealing #HolisticHealing


Het verdriet en de pijn die van de ene generatie op de andere worden doorgegeven, zijn niet de enige dingen om te onthouden. Vergeet niet je kracht en gaves die je hebt geërfd. Vergeet niet de boodschap die ze nalieten voor je.
Je voorouders hebben je meer nagelaten dan alleen wonden.

Volg @sabiholistichealing voor meer tips en info over hoe je onbewuste angsten en patronen kunt overwinnen met holistische therapie.


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Wat veroorzaakte haar intense uitbarsting van woede, waarbij ze haar frustratie uitte alsof haar leven ervan afhing? Wat was de trigger geweest? Diep in haar onderbewustzijn kon wellicht een onopgelost conflict schuilen dat naar de oppervlakte kwam.

Als onderdeel van mijn begeleidingsproces, gaan we actief aan de slag met hypnotherapie en tools die ik je aanreik. Hierbij ligt de focus op het herschrijven van jouw verhaal, het loslaten van ongewenste emoties en het herprogrammeren van diepgewortelde overtuigingen.

Deze doelgerichte aanpak bevordert niet alleen het begrip van de onderliggende emoties, maar biedt ook concrete stappen voor innerlijke transformatie!

Stuur me een berichtje als je meer info en uitleg wil omtrent mijn werkwijze🙏

What caused her intense outburst of anger, expressing her frustration as if it were a matter of life and death? Deep within her subconscious, there may be an unresolved conflict that surfaced.

As part of a professional guidance process, we actively engage in hypnotherapy and tools that I provide. The focus is on rewriting your story, letting go of unwanted emotions, and reprogramming deep-seated beliefs.

This targeted approach enhances understanding of underlying emotions and provides concrete steps for inner transformation! Feel free to message me for more information and clarification about my approach. 🙏

Send me a message if you would like to have more information about my way of working.



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By actively engaging with your subconscious, physical pains and discomforts, such as headaches, neck pain, and back pain, can significantly diminish or even disappear!

Could this be a subtle signal pointing to deep-seated, underlying emotions or patterns in your subconscious? Join me on this journey and gain a deeper insight into how your body communicates with your mind.

Let’s unveil this.

✨Physical pains often act as messengers, a language your body speaks to convey something deeper. I guide you not only to understand the connection between your mental well-being and physical sensations but also to discover practical insights.

I invite you to explore the body-mind connection and foster awareness about it. 🙏

Contact me if you'd like to know more about this.


Door actief aan de slag te gaan met je onderbewuste aan de hand van hypnotherapie kunnen fysieke pijnen en ongemakken, zoals hoofdpijn, nekpijn, en rugpijn, opmerkelijk verminderen of zelfs verdwijnen!

Laten we de sluier oplichten hieromtrent.
Kan dit een subtiel signaal zijn dat wijst op diepgewortelde, onderliggende emoties of patronen in je onderbewuste? Stap met me mee in deze ontdekkingsreis en krijg een dieper inzicht in hoe jouw lichaam communiceert met je geest.

✨Fysieke pijnen fungeren vaak als een soort boodschapper, een taal die je lichaam spreekt om iets diepers aan te duiden. Ik begeleid je om niet alleen de verbinding tussen je mentale welzijn en lichamelijke sensaties begrijpen, maar ook praktische inzichten ontdekken .

Ik nodig je uit om de body-mind connectie te gaan verkennen en bewustwording hierover te creëren🙏

Contacteer me als je hierover meer wil weten .
#MindBodyConnection #HolisticWellness #BodyMindAwareness #EmotionalHealth #SubconsciousJourney #WellBeingWisdom #ExploreYourself #InnerBalance #MindfulLiving #SelfDiscoveryPath
#MindBodyConnectie #HolistischWelzijn #LichaamGeestBewustzijn #EmotioneleGezondheid #OnderbewusteReis #WijsheidVanWelzijn #OntdekJezelf #InnerlijkEvenwicht #BewustLeven #PadVanZelfontdekking

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Reflectie op een bijzondere sessie onlangs:

Een moeder, vers verslagen door het verlies van haar zoon en overweldigd door schuldgevoelens.
Ze verlangde naar het uiten van onuitgesproken woorden, delen van diepe gevoelens, en vertellen van haar verhaal...

Hoe intens en met liefde ik mijn werk doe, en hoe therapeuten ook persoonlijk kunnen geraakt worden door de verhalen die we soms horen…

De boodschap is: het leven is kort; leef het! ♥️#verliesbegeleiding
Reflection on a special session recently:

A mother, freshly devastated by the loss of her son and overwhelmed by feelings of guilt.
She longed to express unspoken words, share deep feelings, and tell her story...

How intensely and with love I engage in my work, and how therapists, too, are personally touched by the stories we sometimes witness…

The message is: life is short; live it! ♥️#griefcounseling
#HolisticHealing #TherapistJourney #MindBodySpirit #HypnotherapyLife #WellnessWarrior #HolisticLiving #TherapistCommunity #MindfulTherapy #SoulfulSessions #healingheartmindsoul
#HolistischGenezen #TherapeutenLeven #GeestLichaamZiel #HypnotherapieLeven #WelzijnsStrijder #HolistischLeven #TherapeutenGemeenschap #BewusteTherapie #ZielvolleSessies

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🌟 De Malaga Spirituele Retreat van 11 tot 16 juni ‘24! 🌟

Een betoverende reis van 6 dagen, gewijd aan herbronning, me-time en diepgaande verbinding. In een intieme groep creëren we een omgeving van oprechte authenticiteit, ver weg van de drukte van het dagelijkse leven.

Wat staat je te wachten?
✨ All-inclusive ervaring: overnachten te midden van de natuur met een nabijgelegen waterval, maaltijden, drinks, snacks, yoga, sound healing, breath work, excursies, massages, infinity pool en jacuzzi.
🤝 Persoonlijke begeleiding: gepersonaliseerde aandacht en begeleiding met een down-to-earth benadering.
🌿 Activiteiten zoals yin yoga, sound healing, cacao ceremonie, meditatie, breath work sessies, wandeltochten, watervallen en massages.
🍴 Heerlijke eerlijke voeding bereid ter plaatse door onze getalenteerde chef-kok.

Investeer in jezelf:
🏠 Ruime quadriple room: €1450
🛌 Deluxe twin room: €1550
🌟 Luxury twin room: €1650

Voor snelle beslissers:
🎉 Vliegtickets heen en terug naar Malaga kunnen nu geboekt worden voor slechts €120/€150!

Retreat prijs stijgt met €100 vanaf 15 februari

Alle details binnenkort op de website!
#MalagaRetreat #SpiritualJourney #SelfDiscovery #HolisticExperience #metimemagic

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Wanneer je dan de vraag krijgt of die ‘spirituele reis naar Malaga’ eigenlijk gewoon een geavanceerd excuus is om sangria als levenselixer te beschouwen. 😇 #ZenMetEenVleugjeSangria

Alle info omtrent de Malaga retreat bijna online!:)
#HolistischLeven #WelzijnsReis #Soulfulhealing #MindBodySpirit #HolistischeAanpak #EvenwichtigeLevensstijl #EnergieInBalans #NatuurlijkeTherapie #InnerlijkeHarmonie#malaga

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We are often dictated by the constant ‘should’, determined by societal expectations. For instance, we should feel more passion, have more energy, do this, do more of that... This sometimes conflicts with what we truly want to experience, feel, and need from within, causing us to lose authenticity at times.

Amid these challenges, it’s crucial to realize that pursuing what genuinely resonates within us not only brings happiness but also leads to a powerful, meaningful, and authentic life.🤍

We laten ons nog te vaak leiden door het constante ‘moeten’, bepaald door de verwachtingen van de maatschappij. Bijvoorbeeld: we moeten meer passie voelen, we moeten meer energie hebben, we moeten dit, we moeten meer dat…
Dit staat soms zo haaks op wat we werkelijk van binnenuit willen ervaren,voelen en nodig hebben, waardoor we onze authenticiteit soms verliezen.

In het midden van deze uitdagingen is het cruciaal te realiseren dat het najagen van wat echt resoneert binnenin ons niet alleen geluk brengt, maar ook leidt tot een krachtig, betekenisvol en authentiek leven. 🤍
#WalkYourOwnPath #AuthenticLiving #TrueDesires #EmbraceYourself #SoulfulLiving #BeyondExpectations #UnleashDreams #LiveYourTruth #InnerStrengthJourney #RealPaths

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Discover the power of transformative healing as panic attacks vanish and subconscious patterns are recognized. Empower your journey with inner strength through a 1:1 session with me. 🌿 #TransformativeHealing #MindfulRecovery people

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#TransformativeHealing #InnerStrength #PatternAwareness #EmbraceChange #MindBodyBalance #WellnessJourney #HolisticLiving #BreakthroughMoments #HealingPaths #MindfulRecovery
Ontdek de kracht van transformatie als paniekaanvallen verdwijnen en onderbewuste patronen worden herkend. Herontdek je innerlijke kracht via een 1:1-sessie met mij. 🌿 #Transformatie #BewustHerstel

Volg @sabiholistichealing voor meer tips over het overwinnen van onderbewuste angsten en patronen via holistische therapie.

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#TransformativeHealing #InnerStrength #PatternAwareness #EmbraceChange #MindBodyBalance #WellnessJourney #HolisticLiving #BreakthroughMoments #HealingPaths #MindfulRecovery

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2024 Power Moves: Charging up for the ultimate transformation! 🔥💪✨ #PowerfulVibes #2024Dominance #MasterYourJourney #UnleashTheGlow #MindsetRevolution #GoalCrusher #PositivityOnFire #StrongGrowthGame #MasterYourPower#Hypnotherapy

Follow @sabiholistichealing for more tips and resources on how to overcome subconscious fears and patterns through holistic therapy.

2024 Power Moves: Opladen voor de ultieme transformatie! 🔥💪✨ #PowerfulVibes #2024dominance #KrachtigeVibes #2024Dominantie #BeheersJeReis #OntketenDeGloed #MindsetRevolutie #DoelVerpletteraar #PositiviteitInVuurEnVlam #BeheersJeKracht#hypnotherapie
#PositiveVibes #2024Goals #SelfDiscovery #EnergyBoost #PersonalJourney #MindsetShift #ManifestYourBest #OwnYourVibe #GrowthMindset

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In the hustle of the day, we should occasionally dare to press the pause button, allowing our nervous system the chance to catch up. Here are 3 quick relaxation tips for a stress-free moment.

1. **Deep breathing:** Inhale deeply through your nose, hold for a few seconds, and exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat this several times.

2. **Shoulder roll:** Move your shoulders gently backward and forward to release tension.

3. **Stretching:** Perform short stretching exercises to relax your muscles.

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resources on how to overcome subconscious fears and
judgements through holistic therapy

In de hectiek van de dag moeten we af en toe op de pauzeknop durven drukken, zodat ons zenuwstelsel de kans krijgt om bij te benen. Hier zijn 3 snelle ontspanningstips voor een stressvrij moment.

1. **Diepe ademhaling:** Adem diep in door je neus, houd een paar seconden vast, en adem langzaam uit door je mond. Herhaal dit enkele keren.

2. **Schouderrol:** Beweeg je schouders rustig naar achteren en naar voren om spanning los te laten.

3.**Stretching:** Doe korte rek- en strekoefeningen om je spieren te ontspannen.
#MindfulMoments #HolisticHealing #StressFreeLiving #WellnessJourney #SelfCareTips #MindBodyBalance #HolisticTherapy
#HolistischeTherapie #StressvrijLeven #Welzijnsreis #ZelfzorgTips #BalansLichaamGeest #HolistischGenezen

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In the hustle of the day, we should occasionally dare to press the pause button, allowing our nervous system the chance to catch up. Here are 3 quick relaxation tips for a stress-free moment.

1. **Deep breathing:** Inhale deeply through your nose, hold for a few seconds, and exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat this several times.

2. **Shoulder roll:** Move your shoulders gently backward and forward to release tension.

3. **Stretching:** Perform short stretching exercises to relax your muscles.

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resources on how to overcome subconscious fears and
judgements through holistic therapy

In de hectiek van de dag moeten we af en toe op de pauzeknop durven drukken, zodat ons zenuwstelsel de kans krijgt om bij te benen. Hier zijn 3 snelle ontspanningstips voor een stressvrij moment.

1. **Diepe ademhaling:** Adem diep in door je neus, houd een paar seconden vast, en adem langzaam uit door je mond. Herhaal dit enkele keren.

2. **Schouderrol:** Beweeg je schouders rustig naar achteren en naar voren om spanning los te laten.

3.**Stretching:** Doe korte rek- en strekoefeningen om je spieren te ontspannen.
#MindfulMoments #HolisticHealing #StressFreeLiving #WellnessJourney #SelfCareTips #MindBodyBalance #HolisticTherapy
#HolistischeTherapie #StressvrijLeven #Welzijnsreis #ZelfzorgTips #BalansLichaamGeest #HolistischGenezen

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Unexplained anxieties can be a gateway to deeper traumatic experiences because they are often connected to deep-seated, unconscious emotions and memories. These anxieties act as signals from the subconscious and can serve as an invitation to delve into unresolved issues from the past, paving the way for understanding and healing. 🌊🔍 #InDepthExploration #EmotionalHealingJourney #UnveilingMemories” 🌿💡 #ConsciousExploration #DeeperConnections #InsightsMentalHealth

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resources on how to overcome subconscious fears and
judgements through holistic therapy

Onverklaarbare angsten kunnen een poort zijn naar diepere traumatische ervaringen, omdat ze vaak verbonden zijn met diepgewortelde, onbewuste emoties en herinneringen. Deze angsten dienen als signalen van het onderbewustzijn en kunnen een uitnodiging zijn om te verkennen in onopgeloste kwesties uit het verleden, en zo een pad te banen heling. 🌊🔍 #DiepgaandeVerkenning #EmotioneleHelingsreis #OnthullenVanHerinneringen” 🌿💡 #BewusteVerkenning #DiepereConnecties #InzichtenMentaleGezondheid

#HolisticHypnotherapy #MindBodyHealing #HolisticWellness #HypnotherapyJourney #IntegratedHealing #MindfulTherapy #WholePersonHealing #HolisticMindset #UncoverYourPotential #TransformativeTherapy
#HolistischeHypnotherapie #GeestLichaamGenezing HolistischeMindset #OntdekJePotentieel #TransformatieveTherapie

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Reminder: It’s not about handling trauma; it’s about creating space for profound joy and real happiness. 💖 #HealingJourney #SelfLove #InnerPeace

Reminder: Het gaat niet om het kunnen omgaan met trauma; het draait om het creëren van ruimte voor diep geluk en echte verbinding. 💖 #Zelfliefde

#HealingJourney #LoveAndPeace #EmbraceJoy #InnerCalm #PositiveTransformation
#hypnotherapyworks #InnerlijkeKalmte #PositieveTransformatie# holistic approach #holistichypnotherapy

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Wie wil de essentie van eeuwenoude holistische therapie ervaren tijdens onze aanstaande retreat op Bali? Een bezielde retreat voor een werkelijk meeslepende ervaring in persoonlijke groei en transformatie. #BaliRetraite #EeuwenoudeLichaamstherapie #HolistischeReis #Welzijn #GeestLichaamZiel #HarmonieInHetLeven


Who wants to experience the essence of ancient holistic therapy during our upcoming retreat in Bali? An inspired retreat for a truly immersive experience in personal growth and transformation. #BaliRetreat #AncientHolisticTherapy #HolisticJourney #WellBeing #MindBodySoul #HarmonyInLife


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