Bali Healing Retreat 

A journey through your inner self.

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How may I help you?

Through Hypnotherapy, we can work to the deepest level of our subconscious.

Holistic Hypnotherapy does not focus on the symptom but on the cause/root of an ‘obstacle’ in our daily life.

Once the cause is found, seen, and treated, it can make room for a new perception in our subconscious.

And this is to get as much quality, happiness, and satisfaction out of life as possible.

My role is to facilitate this process by working with the innate power of the client.



My job as a holistic hypnotherapist is to guide you in the best, most complete way using the following tools:

Inner child healing, Shadow work, Trauma healing, Omega therapy, etc….

This can be done through an:

  • Online session
  • In-person session


Sound healing or sound healing is the rebalancing of physical, emotional, mental imbalances through vibration and sound.

It uses powerful tools such as singing bowls, tuning forks, the gong, drums, etc….

I invite you to our monthly hypno-healing/sound bath evening! And this every 1st Wednesday of the month.

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Adressed Topics














Sabi’s Holistic Hypnotherapy Approach

Every individual has the gift and power to heal themselves and overcome mental obstacles that prevent us from living our lives to the fullest. I have made it my mission to explore with my clients why they encounter particular challenges and how they can be overcome while respecting there wellbeing .

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the food at the retreat ?2022-04-20T11:09:08+00:00

Food will be 1 of the highlights of the retreat. We will customize your menu for the week according to your health and personal preferences. As part of your all-inclusive retreat package, you will enjoy tasty dishes made from local and organic ingredients that are absolutely delicious. The meals are primarily dairy and gluten-free and contain no refined sugars or preservatives. We provide food with passion and care.

How much money should I bring to my Bali retreat?2022-04-20T11:07:57+00:00

Since this is an all-inclusive Bali retreat, you only need to pay for personal items, groceries, and tips. If you want to add optional extra activities to your retreat package or store during your stay in Bali, there are many ATMs and money changers nearby. In addition, most stores and restaurants have credit card facilities.

What is the weather like in Bali?2022-04-20T11:07:19+00:00

We have 2 different seasons here in Bali and this is the ‘Dry’ season, April – November, which is beautifully sunny and warm during the day and balmy at night (not less than 25°C). ‘Rain’ season, November – March, welcomes warm sunny days with a daily rain shower in the late afternoon, which keeps Bali beautiful and blooming green!

What should I pack for my Bali retreat?2022-04-20T11:06:32+00:00

Be sure to pack clothes that are loose and comfortable – comfort is key! The weather is warm year-round, so there is no need to bring warm clothing. What to bring for Bali include swimwear, flip flops/sandals, running shoes, a hat, sunglasses, a dress or two for a night out, yoga/gym clothes, light pajamas, personal toiletries, chargers for devices, bath and beach towels, sunscreen, etc….

How do I get to your retreat in Bali?2022-04-20T11:05:47+00:00

The airport code is DPS – Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. We provide complimentary airport transfers to and from the retreat on the first and last day of the retreat.

I am traveling alone, is that ok?2022-04-20T11:04:47+00:00

Absolutely!!! This is the perfect choice if you want to travel alone without being alone! I will personally wait for you at the airport and also accompany you in advance for the flight, tickets, and formalities if required.
Most people make new friends and stay in touch long after their retreat is over. We make every effort to offer you a safe and ideal place to stay as a solo traveler.

What is included in the Bali retreat?2022-06-30T09:15:58+00:00

The retreat includes 8 days/7 nights of all-inclusive accommodation with a tailored focus on spirituality, healing, yoga, adventure, wellness, and healthy cuisine. The retreat includes all meals, excursions, workshops, cultural activities, and more. There are no hidden costs.
Everything except air travel, travel insurance, and alcoholic beverages are included in the price.

What about confidentiality?2022-04-20T09:53:28+00:00

I highly value the relationship of trust with my client.

Thus, confidentiality is first and foremost!

 How many sessions will I need to overcome my issue? 2021-09-24T10:39:47+00:00

Generally, most issues and topics can be resolved in one or two sessions. However, some issues require several sessions, and this all depends on the topic.

I strive to work at a safe and responsible pace and with all due respect to my client.

I am trained to guide my client in the best way possible and as few sessions as necessary.

What can I address in a session?2021-09-24T10:39:09+00:00

You can address almost anything you struggle with in life.

Anything that inhibits you or limits you from being happy or limits your desires for quality of life.

This can be on an emotional level, on a physical level (physical discomfort), or even on a material level.

Or perhaps in relationships with your partner, relationship with money, parents, siblings, friends.

What happens during an (online ) session?2021-09-24T10:38:23+00:00

On the day of your session, we will go through 3 stages during our time together.


During this portion, we will go through the consent form, general questions and then delve into the detail of what you wish to address in the session. We will take some time to explain what you can expect to experience during the hypnosis portion, and we will have time to answer any questions you may have. This portion takes about 30-40 minutes.

Hypnotherapy portion:

This portion usually lasts around 2 hours, where the crux of the therapeutic work will be done.


The third and last portion of the session consists of a *short* discussion. We intentionally do not go into details of the session after the hypnosis potion as you will still be processing, but we will cover key points. This may last up to 15-30 minutes or until you feel ready to leave.

Will I be unconscious during the session?2021-09-24T10:37:26+00:00


You will be very much conscious and aware of what is happening. The main difference is that you will be deeply relaxed. The state is similar to daydreaming.

You will still be in total control of what you want to share and how you want to respond. You can fully communicate how you feel if you do not want to answer a question if you are too cold/hot, and anything else that may come to mind.

The experience will be the opposite of what you may have seen in some movies, where characters lose all sense of control and are under the power of the hypnotist. In hypnotherapy, you are aware and in control of what you say and do. For example, you will be aware and fully capable of rejecting anything that I may say before the session, during the session, and after the session if you do not want to participate or if you do not feel comfortable.

What happens after the session?2021-09-24T10:36:57+00:00

After the session, I will explain where the key points were during the session.

In this way, you will also get a clear picture of the process we went through.

Note: I will not go into too much detail after the session because you are in full processing mode.

I also pass on what to take into account after the session.

With that, I mean advice and tips for the coming days (nutrition, sleep, emotional well-being, what you can expect both emotionally and physically).

 How long is a session?2021-09-24T10:36:14+00:00

Sessions last 3 hours.

How can I best prepare for a session?2021-09-24T10:35:50+00:00
  1. Write down what topic you want to focus on – this helps the mind to focus.
  2. Eat before the session so that you have energy for the 3 hours you will be in session.
  3. Avoid drinking coffee at least 2 hours before the session.
  4. Avoid drinking alcohol the night before.
  5. Avoid taking mood-altering drugs or hallucinogenics for at least two nights prior to the date of the session.
  6. If you have any questions or concerns about hypnotherapy, email or WhatsApp me! Getting answers to these questions will ease your mind.
  7. Because hypnotherapy is most effective when relaxed, I suggest coming to the session as openly as possible, without any feeling of resistance or doubt. Commit fully to that the session with us. Some clients have relayed that they alleviated pressure and nervousness to overcome the issue by meditating prior to the session.
What do i need for hypnotherapy online?2021-09-24T10:35:04+00:00
  • A reliable internet connection
  • Charged laptop/phone with good sound and camera
  • A quiet, comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed, with a bed/ sofa and a blanket
  • Headphones with microphones.
  • Remember to turn off notifications on your devices and phones
Is online hypnotherapy as affective as in-person sessions?2021-09-24T10:31:22+00:00

Absolutely, online hypnotherapy is just as effective as working face to face and follows the same structured approach. It’s helpful if you are restricted by time, location, family commitments, or medical conditions, making it accessible to all.

The most crucial thing in an online session is that you are as relaxed as possible. That you trust the hypnotherapist in such a way that you can open up completely, and you are able to dive as deep as possible into the subconscious mind.

I offer a free exploratory session online that gives us the opportunity to trial the process before committing to a session.

Kan hypnose online worden gedaan?2022-04-20T09:32:45+00:00

Ja, absoluut.

De efficiëntie van een hypnotherapie sessie is niet gerelateerd aan het hebben van een therapeut in de kamer bij je of niet.

Met de juiste focus en connectie van de hypnotherapeut, werken online sessies geweldig!

Uit de ervaringen van mijn cliënten en mijzelf, kan ik zeggen dat online sessies net zo efficiënt zijn.


“It was my first hypnotherapy session, and you made it amazing for me.
You guided me with confidence, compassion and you made it so easy for me to trust you. Right after the session, I felt liberated, calm, and powerful. Thank you”

Katerina, Greece

“Sabiye her work offers a profound ability to transmute past experience and childhood trauma and to rewire and to rewrite these experiences to heal. I highly recommend reaching out to Sabiye. Her work is extremely powerful, and the space she holds is wonderfully safe.”

Hannah, Canada

“It was amazing. The topic we tackled was pretty heavy/ traumatic, and she guided me so well. Now ten days later, I literally feel like an invisible weight I have been carrying on my chest for 30+ years has been lifted.”

Anonymous, Belgium

“I instantly felt safe and cared with Sabi and felt that I could trust her with the sacred space that is my subconscious. Her session for me was deep to the root. She was also intuitive and guided me into the depts. I highly recommend Sabi for her sessions.
Thank you for being a part of this powerful transformational healing process and offering your authenticity during our session.”

Angelica, Canada

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To all the strong girls out there!
Don’t let anyone take your sparkle✨
Dare to dream.
And dream big!
Believe in yourself, and dare to be yourself.
Because today we celebrate all of you!
On your way to becoming the strong, powerful woman.💪
Who will pave the way for those who will come after you!

2022...thank you for the magical moments, the tears of joy and laughter! The tears of love and gratefulness.
Thank you for the new beginnings.

Thank you to my family and loved ones, who gave me the strength to keep going for my dreams! To keep pursuing happiness and fulfilment in life!♥️

Thank you to my fantastic colleagues for the beautiful collaborations! I am so proud and grateful to accomplished this nationally and internationally!
Let's build together a world with less suffering! ✨

Thank you to my mentors, teachers, and sincere friendships for sharing your wisdom, vision and knowledge. I feel incredibly grateful. It’s such an honor to learn and be guided by you🙏

And finally, I would like to thank all my clients for the trust you gave me in '22! It was a privilege to be by your side.
I have seen so many beautiful transformations. I have witnessed how you forgave, connected, discovered, healed, and found your inner power again! Thank you!🙏

Wishing you everything your heart could wish for!♥️

2023, I’m ready for you!


2022...bedankt voor de magische momenten!

Dank aan mijn familie en geliefden, die mij de kracht gaven om door te gaan! Om geluk en dromen na te blijven streven! ♥️

Dank aan mijn collega's voor de mooie samenwerkingen! Ik ben zo trots en dankbaar dat ik dit nationaal en internationaal heb bereikt!
Laten we samen bouwen aan een wereld met minder lijden! ✨

Dank aan mijn mentors, teachers en vriendschappen voor het delen van jullie wijsheid en kennis. Ik voel me hier ongelooflijk dankbaar voor!🙏

En tot slot wil ik al mijn cliënten bedanken voor het vertrouwen dat jullie mij in '22 hebben gegeven! Het was een voorrecht om aan jullie zijde te staan.
Ik heb zoveel mooie transformaties gezien. Dankjewel!

Ik wens je alles toe wat je hart maar wensen kan voor 2023!♥️

1 month Bali🤍 ...

We’ve been here in magical Bali for almost two weeks now. And now we are finally starting to adjust a bit. I am looking forward to the adventure this will bring us!

“No matter how high; No matter how low; Just trust; And believe; You have what it takes to achieve; Your dream.” — Omarr RaSharjd Le

Today is World Mental Health Day and I would love to take a moment to remind everyone that your perfect is not needed here…
It’s in the breaks of this life that we find our true selves and every time you share that with another, you are spreading not just hope but also power.

Whe are not on this planet to be perfect every day. We are here to feel. And to love. And to grow.

Together ♥️

#worldmentalhealthday. #worldmentalhealthday22

✨De Spirituele Bali reis van 25 november tot 2 december✨

Er gebeurt iets wonderbaarlijks wanneer een groep mensen samenkomt en ervaringen kan delen. Er is een zorgzame en diepe band die ontstaat wanneer je ruimte creëert om dit te ontvouwen.

Wat zal deze reis je brengen :
♦ Je zal geïnspireerd worden, en je terug energiek en herboren voelen
♦ 8 dagen lang healing (fysiek, mentaal en emotioneel)
♦ Je zal in een luxueuze accommodatie verblijven
♦ Je zal begeleid en behandeld worden door  therapeuten, mentors en teachers van over de ganse wereld
♦ Je zal alle tools aangereikt krijgen om je reis naar innerlijk geluk en healing te starten
♦ 8 dagen lang workshops ,behandelingen en coaching
♦ 8 dagen lang diepe transformatie
♦ 8 dagen lang fun en diamanten tranen
♦ prive kamer 1900 euro (boek voor 10-10-22!)
♦ gedeelde kamer 1750 euro (boek voor 10.10.22)


✨The Spiritual Bali Retreat from November 25 to December 2✨

Something extraordinary happens when a group of people come together and can share experiences. There is a caring and deep connection that happens when you create space for this to unfold.

What will this journey bring you :

♦ You will be inspired and feel energized and reborn again

Eight days of healing (physical, mental, and emotional)

You will stay in a luxurious accommodation

You will be guided and treated by therapists, mentors, and teachers from all over the world

You will be given all the tools to start your journey towards inner happiness and healing

Eight days of workshops, treatments, and coaching

♦ 8 days of profound transformation

Eight days of fun and diamond tears

♦ private room 1900 euro (book before 10-10-22!)

♦ shared room 1750 euro (book before 10.10.22)

Ik stel je graag voor aan Master Joko.
Hij zal samen met zijn team jullie graag laten kennismaken met lichaamswerk aan de hand van reflexologie en acupressuur

Zijn holistische aanpak en visie hebben een krachtige effect zowel op het lichaam, geest en ziel.
Hij werkt op energiepunten van meridianen, reflexologie, acupressuur op spieren en pezen, lymfevaten. Dit zowel op mentaal emotioneel, en trauma gebied.

Yoko is een meester en mentor voor velen, met zijn jaren ervaring heeft hij een schat aan kennis, die hij graag met je deelt.

Ik kijk er zo hard naar uit om jullie te laten kennismaken met deze wereldberoemde therapeut op de Bali reis van 25 november tot 2 december!✨


I want to introduce you to Master Joko.
He and his team will be happy to introduce you to the bodywork through reflexology and acupressure

His holistic approach and vision have a powerful effect both on the body, mind, and spirit.
He works on energy points of meridians, reflexology, acupressure on muscles and tendons, and lymphatic vessels. This is both in the mental, emotional, and trauma areas.

Yoko is a master and mentor to many. With his years of experience, he has a wealth of knowledge, which he loves to share with you.

I am so looking forward to introducing you to this world-renowned therapist!✨


“Live life with no excuses, travel with no regret” – Oscar Wilde
Nog een aantal plaatsen vrij voor de volgende Bali reis van 25 november tot 2 december!
Info in link in bio

Still a few places available for the next Bali trip from November 25 to December 2!
Info in link in bio

Ik ben zo fier en trots om te delen met jullie dat Carla en haar team ons zullen versterken op de retreat! Met veel enthousiasme en passie staan zijn klaar om hun kennis en vakkundigheid te delen met jullie door middel van behandelingen.
Lymfatische massage word voor onder andere volgende indicaties aangewend:
Allergieën en/of voedselovergevoeligheden.
Opgeblazen gevoel.
Aanhoudende vermoeidheid
En zoveel meer….!
Vaak word een lymfatische massage gebruikt als ondersteuning bij een detox . En dit om de maximale hoeveelheid afvalstoffen uit ons lijf te krijgen! Wie gaat er mee op deze transformerende reis in Bali?🌸


I am so proud and excited to share with you that Carla and her team will be joining us at the retreat! With great enthusiasm and passion, they are ready to share their knowledge and skills with you trough treatments.
Lymphatic massage can be used for the following indications:
Allergies and/or food intolerances.
Inflated feeling.
Chronic fatigue
Digestive problems.
And so much more..!
Often a lymphatic massage is used to support detox. And this is to get the maximum amount of waste out of our bodies! Who will join us on this transformational journey in Bali?🌸

Ik stel graag Master Liong voor, hij zal jullie ook graag bijstaan op de Bali Retreat van 5 tot 12 Augustus!
Met jaren ervaring, geeft Master Liong u een behandeling met een holistische benadering . Meester Liong combineert verschillende technieken die hij geleerd heeft in het Oosten om de behandeling te creëren die voor u op maat is. Dit gaat van acupunctuur tot Chinese kruidenmengelen die hij voorschrijft.

Deze gekende therapeut in Ubud is het ‘echte werk’, zijn enorme ervaring en talent is zonder twijfel van een zeer hoog niveau.
Elk probleem dat je fysiek of mentaal ervaart weet hij aan te pakken.

Ervaar samen met ons deze indrukwekkende ontmoeting! We voelen ons zeer vereerd dat we samen met Master Liong een op maat gemaakt programma konden uitwerken voor jullie!


With years of experience, Master Liong gives you treatment with a holistic approach. Master Liong combines techniques he learned in the East to create a customized treatment for you. This ranges from acupuncture to Chinese herbal blends that he prescribes.

This well-known therapist in Ubud is the 'real deal; his vast experience and talent are undoubted of a very high standard.
Any problem you experience physically or mentally, he knows how to address it.

Experience with us this impressive encounter! We feel very honored that together with Master Liong we could work out a tailor-made program for you!

Ik stel je graag voor aan Nyoman.
Nyoman is de verantwoordelijke voor de logistiek op de Retreat, alsook staat hij je bij op de expedities en ceremonie’s. Nyoman loodst je vlekkeloos door ceremonie’s en deelt graag zijn spirituele kennis.
Op de één of andere wijze kwam ik Nyoman altijd terug tegen het lijf als ik in Bali was, zal jij net als ik genieten van Nyoman zijn aanwezigheid op de Bali healing reis?

Alle info in link in bio
200€ early bird korting t.e.m. 10 juli!:
Boek voor 10juli :1900€
Boek na 10juli :2100€

I want to introduce you to Nyoman.
Nyoman is responsible for the logistics at the Retreat, as well as assisting you on expeditions and ceremonies. Nyoman guides you flawlessly through rituals and likes to share his spiritual knowledge.
Somehow I always bumped into Nyoman when I was in Bali. Will you enjoy Nyoman's presence on the Bali healing journey as I did?

All info in link in bio
200€ early bird discount until July 10th!
Book before July 10th:1900€
Book after July 10th: 2100€

De kracht van een mooiere toekomst ligt in het huidige moment. Wacht niet een leven lang tot het mischien op je pad komt. Maar zet je dromen NU om in daden.
Stel je voor:
✔️Dat je hier naartoe kan werken met een intieme groep gelijkgestemden.
✔️Dat je begeleid en behandeld word door mentors, therapeuten en healers van over de ganse wereld.
✔️Dat je je lijf bevrijd van energetische, mentale of emotionele blokkades.
✔️Dat je terug verbind met jezelf.
✔️Dat je verblijft in luxueuze accomodaties.
✔️8 dagen lang healing (mentaal, fysiek en emotioneel).
✔️8 dagen lang workshops, behandelingen en coachings.
✔️8 dagen heerlijk voedsel die je lijf op de best mogelijke manier voed.
✔️8 dagen lang diepe transformatie.
✔️8 dagen lang zon, rust en magie.
✔️8 dagen lang plezier en diamanten tranen. 💎

Ik en de ganse community van therapeuten, healers en mentors verwelkomen je zo graag in Bali van 5 tot 12 augustus! ♥️

Meer info in link in bio

The power of a better future lies in the present moment. Don't wait a lifetime for it to come your way, maybe. But put your dreams into action NOW.
✔️That you can work toward this with a intimate group of like-minded people.
✔️You will be guided and treated by mentors, therapists, and healers known worldwide.
✔️That you free your body from energetic, mental or emotional blockages.
✔️That you reconnect with yourself.
-Stay in luxuries accommodations.
✔️8 days of healing (mental, physical, and emotional).
✔️8 days of workshops, treatments, and coaching.
✔️8 days of delicious food that nourishes your body in the the best possible way.
✔️8 days of profound transformation.
✔️8 days of sun, peace, and magic.
✔️8 days of fun and diamond tears.💎

The whole community of therapists, healers, and mentors and I would love to welcome you to Bali from August 5 to 12th ♥️

More info in the link in bio

Ik stel je graag voor aan Wayan Puja! Hij staat bekend om zijn helende handen die fysieke problemen in het lichaam kunnen diagnosticeren en behandelen. Wayan Puja gebruikt een combinatie van drukpunttechnieken om je lichaam te scannen en eventuele blokkades of problemen te behandelen , van pijn en algemeen ongemak, tot zelfs emotionele stress. Hij zal jullie graag behandelen op de Bali retreat!✨


I'd like to introduce you to Wayan Puja! He is known for his healing hands that can diagnose and treat physical problems in the body. Wayan Puja uses a combination of pressure point techniques to scan your body and treat any blockages or problems , from pain and general discomfort, to even emotional stress.

Ik heb het geluk gehad om mijn goede vriend en mentor Made Lunas en zijn familie te mogen ontmoeten jaren terug. Één van mijn belangrijkste redenen om naar Bali af te reizen waren mijn ontmoetingen met hem .Made Lunas is een traditionele Balinese healer, hij is krachtig, eerlijk en is een meester in zijn gave. Hij heeft me vaak geïnspireerd, begeleid, gemotiveerd en mijn innerlijke kracht terug aangewakkerd ☺️Ik wist niet wat ik kon verwachten bij onze 1ste kennismaking, dus ik liet de ervaring zich ontvouwen …mijn meest magische ervaring ooit!( in mijn posts hier lees je er meer over☺️)Made Lunas is een fantastische Balinese healer, helderziende en coach. Één van de vele hoogtepunten op onze Bali healing reis♥️


I was fortunate enough to meet my dear friend and mentor Made Lunas and his family years back. One of my main reasons for traveling to Bali was my meetings with Made Lunas, a traditional Balinese healer. He is powerful, honest, and is a master of his gift. He has often inspired me, guided me, motivated me, and rekindled my inner strength ☺️I didn't know what to expect at our 1st meeting, so I let the experience unfold...my most magical experience ever! ( in my posts here, you can read more about it☺️)Made Lunas is an amazing Balinese Healer, Clairvoyant, and Counsellor. One of the many highlights of our Bali healing trip♥️

Ik stel jullie met plezier Tunjung voor! Zij zal, zoals mezelf en de andere therapeuten jullie met veel goesting verwelkomen in Bali op de retreat van 5 tot 12 augustus! Ik leerde Tunjung een aantal jaren terug kennen. En ben haar sindsdien blijven bezoeken. Laat ons zeggen dat Tunjung je door de moeilijkere paden in het dagelijkse leven loodst als gids. Haar aanpak is een mix van spirituele, energetisch healing en mediumship. Mijn appreciatie in Tunjung gaat vooral uit naar haar onomwonden aanpak.Altijd constructief en helder, maar vooral krachtig en effectief!🙏✨


It is my pleasure to introduce Tunjung to you! She will happily welcome you, like the other therapists and me, to Bali on the retreat from August 5 to 12! I got to know Tunjung a few years back. Tunjung's approach is straightforward, transparent, and above all, honest. Let us say that Tunjung guides you through the more difficult paths. Her approach is a mix of spiritual, energetic, and mediumship. My appreciation of Tunjung is mainly for her uncomplicated approach. Always constructive and clear and powerful!🙏✨

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