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What to Expect.

After a relaxing introduction using physical relaxation techniques (breathing and meditative relaxation), I gently guide you into a relaxing hypnosis session.

The focus of the hypnosis session is to use our subconscious mind to adjust our perception to a desired emotion/belief gently.

And thus experience more quality of life.

This can be, e.g., experiencing more inner peace, letting go, inner strength, self-confidence, etc…

In addition to the hypnosis session, I also make use of sound therapy.

This consists of rock crystal singing bowls, overtones in the voice, gongs, shamanic drums, ocean drums, rain sticks, chimes used, etc…

Sound therapy is the rebalancing of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances through vibration and sound.

Sound is used for healing (healing), relaxation (deep relaxation), meditation, and transformation.

Sound therapy is the rebalancing of physical, emotional, and mental imbalances through vibration and sound.

Sound is used for healing (healing), relaxation (deep relaxation), meditation, and transformation.

What is included :

♦ Group hypnosis session
♦ Sound Healing
♦ Everything is provided, from mats to cushions.
♦ Those who want to lie a little softer can bring an extra blanket if they wish.


Our body has its own energy field and specific vibration.

Traumatic experiences, shock, prolonged stress, etc., can cause our vibration level to become unbalanced.

Simply listening to sounds positively affects our entire nervous system and organs. The ear nerves are connected to all but 1 (the pancreas) of the organs in our body. By exposing ourselves to harmonic sounds, overtones, and very specific frequencies, we can, through sympathetic resonance, come back into balance. This can bring about emotional and mental release during or after the session.

*The Hypno and Sound Healing goes on every 1st Wednesday of the month.

1/02/23, 1/03/23,  5/04/23, 3/05/23, 7/06/23

*Price is 30 Euro

*This is in a group (limited places) and takes place in the group practice at:

Populierendreef 4
8310 Assebroek / Bruges

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“It was my first hypnotherapy session, and you made it amazing for me.
You guided me with confidence, compassion and you made it so easy for me to trust you. Right after the session, I felt liberated, calm, and powerful. Thank you”

Katerina, Greece

“Sabiye her work offers a profound ability to transmute past experience and childhood trauma and to rewire and to rewrite these experiences in order to heal. I highly recommend reaching out to Sabiye. Her work is extremely powerful, and the space she holds is wonderfully safe.”

Hannah, Canada

“It was amazing. The topic we tackled was pretty heavy/ traumatic, and she guided me so well. Now 10 days later, I literally feel like an invisible weight I have been carrying on my chest for 30+ years has been lifted.”

Anonymous, Belgium

“I instantly felt safe and cared with Sabi and felt that I could trust her with the sacred space that is my subconscious. Her session for me was deep to the root. She was also intuitive and guided me into the depts. I highly recommend Sabi for her sessions.
Thank you for being a part of this powerful transformational healing process and offering your authenticity during our session.”

Angelica, Canada