For who?

For who?

Let’s be honest: digital life has really caught up on us too fast. It has changed us. We were promised more leisure time, more time for ourselves, more time to discover ourselves. But it didn’t work out that way, especially with corona in the way.

Instead, most of us – if not all – have started to experience a shortage of self-time, which enabled our subconcious pain to (re-)addapt to our new ‘now‘. And today that internal conflict just becomes all too much. Too much to deal with, to handle, to simply live with.

Luckily, its chaos can be retreated from its origin through a soulistic journey and let free into the space of nothingness.


What will this journey bring me?

What do you mean?

Something remarkable happens when a group of people come together and can share experiences. There is a caring and wise bond that happens when you create space for this to unfold.

What will this journey bring you :

♦ You will be inspired and feel energized and reborn

♦ 5 days of healing (physical, mental and emotional)

♦ You will stay in luxurious accommodation

♦ You will be guided and treated by therapists, mentors, and teachers from all over the world

♦ You will be given all the tools to start your journey towards inner happiness and healing

♦ 5 days of workshops, treatments, and coaching

♦ 5 days of deep transformation

♦ 5 days of fun and diamond tears

Want to know what a day out of the retreat looks like?

♦ 7-8 am Yoga/Meditation

♦ 8-9 am Breakfast

♦ 9-12 am Visits to the water temple Tirta Ganga/ water purification with guidance and explanation of how to do the ritual

♦ 12-3 pm Lunch & relax

♦ 3-6 pm Bodywork acupressure

♦ 6-8 pm Dinner

♦ 8 pm Sound bath

Ready for the journey?

♦ 7-8 am  Breathwork/Meditation

♦ 8-9 am Breakfast

♦ 9-12 am Visiting a hidden waterfall and rice fields

♦ 12-3 pm Lunch and relax

♦ 3-6 pm Visit to a spiritual healer with a blessing

♦ 6-8 pm Dinner

♦ 8-10 pm Evening ceremony on the beach

Claim your Bali seat before September 1st

Deluxe single room with kingsize bed

1950 pp
  • At the time of your booking, we ask for a deposit of €500

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” – Saint Augustine