1. For who?

For who?

Let’s pause together and take time for inner reflection: the fast pace of life brings challenges, but I am convinced that it can be a bright spot. We all hope for more time for ourselves and for personal growth, especially amid the turbulence of these times.

In my own search – perhaps recognizable to you – for that much-needed “self-time,” I have discovered that there can be room for change. Yes, modern life can be hectic at times, but I am determined to trade this in from time to time for a calmer, more positive moment of rest.

And look, there already shines the Malaga Retreat! ;) It’s not just a place; it’s a warm blanket of inner serenity. Here we can come together, share experiences and create space for a deeper connection with ourselves. Can you already feel the positive energy flowing?


What will this journey bring me?

What do you mean?

♦ Dive into 6 days of enriching treatments and personal coaching, fully tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

♦ Enjoy delicious food, all prepared on-site by our in-house chef

♦ Enjoy an opulent stay in our luxurious accommodation, perfectly complementing the tranquil ambiance of the Malaga Retreat.

♦ Experience 6 days of me-time with all the support and rest moments to fully enjoy.

♦ Receive professional guidance and treatment from experienced therapists and yoga teachers

♦ Receive customized tools to match the unique atmosphere of the Malaga Retreat to begin your journey to inner happiness.

Want to know what a day out of the retreat looks like?

♦ 7-8 h Yin yoga

♦ 8-9 Breakfast

♦ 9-12 Excursion to nearby waterfalls

♦ 12-15h Lunch & relax

♦ 15-16h-30h Body massage

♦ 18h-20h Dinner

♦ 20h Sound bath

Ready for the journey?

♦ 7-8u Breathwork

♦ 8-9 u Breakfast

♦ 9-12u Journaling en intention  circle

♦ 12-15 Lunch & relax

♦ 15-18u Workshop

♦ 18u-20u Diner

♦ 20 tot 22u Cacao ceremonial

Book your spot before February 15 and save 100€

Spacious 4pers. room

1450 pp
  • After February 15 = 1550€

Spacious 2pers. room

1550 pp
  • After February 15 = 1650€

Luxurious 2pers. room

1650 pp
  • After February 15 = 1750€

Spacious room private

1950 pp
  • After February 15 = 2050€

Luxurious room private

2050 pp
  • After February 15 = 2150€

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” – Saint Augustine