Bali Retreat Oct. 14-18

A 5-day journey through the spiritual heart of internal happiness

The most important element about this trip is that it is not a tourist vacation. It is a custom-created journey for individuals who want to dive within themselves. It is about pure belief, experience, and knowledge based on a level of mind, body, and soul, which is then used to work out internal issues like mental, emotional, or physical discomfort to get more quality and fulfillment out of life.

Think of acupressure, reflexology, energetic work, meditation and breathwork, sound healing, sacred ceremonies, consultations by Bali’s most powerful healers, and much, much more. But all in an environment where every part of those aspects fully comes to life as it is here where they were born.

And ‘here’ is, of course, the Indonesian island of Bali: a place so vibrant and exotic that all posters of Asian nature seem to have become irrelevant. The first thing Bali does is amaze you with its energetic smell of waves, its sun-bathed heath, and the lovely friendliness of its locals. It is a place where everything has made room for acceptance, mutual respect, and self-healing.

1. For who

Discover if this journey is really for you. In this part, you learn about the absolute essence of holistic healing and how it can help you deal with life and its tricky aspects.

We will provide you with all the tools necessary to embark on your journey.

Did you know you can uncover and release what’s in the way of that happiness and fulfillment?

2. Accomodation and cuisine

Every detail about your stay in Bali: the accommodations, the body treatments, the spirituality, the adventures,… all combined with delicious local nourishment provided by nature.

So amaze your mind with food descriptions that touch the very tip of your soul’s tongue. Immerse your body into a journey that starts with you and ends in a jungle-hidden gem. An absolute gem. And then?

Explore, feel taste.

3. Spirituality and Healing 

Close your eyes. And breath in. Breath out. In. And out. In. And out very slowly. Open your eyes again.

Welcome to the new world. A holistic world where emotional, physical, and mental issues  … no longer form the core aspect of your life. Of course, they will still challenge you from time to time as our body and mind want to be challenged regularly, but they will also not steer you off the path towards happiness.

4. Culture and adventure

Immerse yourself into the Indonesian and Bali culture: embrace yourself with local customs, acquire new habits and greetings, and open your mind to a new jungle of natural and self-taught healing.

Open your vision to our worldly differences that nevertheless make us one.

5 days of healing, 10 reasons to go

Experience 5 days of total disconnection from the chaotic world and free your soul into the enchanting paradise of Bali.

Your body will be especially nourished with food made from organic ingredients so it can refill its soul identity using the energy from only natural vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. And even though this may sound like a marketing description, it really isn’t: organic and natural means the real stuff in Bali.

But there are much more reasons why The Bali Retreat is the way to your heart, soul, body, and mind.

1. All activities on the program and all local transportation (except air travel).

2.Exceptional delicious food, healthy snacks, and drinks are locally-prepared or on-site at carefully selected restaurants.

3. Our professional photographer will capture your zen spirit at work in the most magical moments.

4. Individual and group sessions, healing workshops, expeditions, immersion in local ceremonies,…

5. Receive your luxury welcome gift at your arrival.

6. Travel assistance before and after the retreat – if desired.

7. Tailored treatments, personal counseling, and active presentations from professionally-trained therapists and teachers.

8. Do you need help? The Retreat Guidance Team stays available to you 24/7.

9. Create inner peace in an incredible environment filled with waterfalls, jungles, magical sunsets, ceremonies at night,…

10. Return home reborn with a new body, a positive spirit, and memories that last a lifetime of happiness.

Claim your Bali seat before September 1st

Deluxe single room with kingsize bed

1950 pp
  • At the time of your booking, we ask for a deposit of €500


About Sabi

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

-Lao Tzu

I traveled the world in search of deepening my spiritual understanding, and that led me to holistic healing in all sorts of modalities.

I discovered the importance of a spiritual retreat in its original form through my own journey. Where people temporarily leave the distractions of life behind to allow a period of exploration, healing, and self-reflection to facilitate an inner transformation.

My wish for you is that you can rediscover your inner strength and get the full potential out of life!



“Live life with no excuses, travel with no regret” – Oscar Wilde